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Monday, March 18, 2013

Garnier Hydra ReCharge, a hair dream come true!

I am so happy that I finally got to try this out! Garnier Hydra ReCharge really does exactly what it says, ReCharges your hair!  It gets my hair clean, and makes my scalp feel like it has been to a spa!  Seriously!  The conditioner really is like a miracle hair repair! Also the second intense conditioner is like icing on the cake!  It couldn't have been any better.  Garnier is so amazing and they really out did their selves on this one!  My hair has never shined so much.  My hair no longer feels like straw, it is silky and smooth!  It is also bye bye to frizz! It is the healthiest it has ever been!  I know I keep repeating, but this stuff is AWESOME! You really should give it a try!  This whole line smells, ah, it smells sooo so good!  Plus, it's not like other hair care lines, were the scent vanishes after your hair dries, this wonderful stuff stays with you! It has almost been 32 hours since I washed my hair, and it smells just like it did when I washed it.  Garnier Hydra ReCharge is exactly what your hair needs, believe me, you won't be disappointed! #StrengthtoShine #GotItFree