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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

RiteAid ~ Good Deal ~ Free Garnier Shampoo at Rite Aid, Starting 6/2! ~

NEW Rite Aid Facebook Garnier coupons!
This means an AWESOME Deal!  Free Garnier!! WOO-HOO!!!
HURRY and Head over to and get this deal scenario NOW!
These coupons WON'T be available to print next week, so print now and save them!
SO REPEAT - Print those coupons now and save them for next week!!!
Sunday’s newspaper will contain a $1.00 Garnier manufacturer coupon, and Garnier shampoo will be on sale for $2.99! 

Walmart ~ Good Deal ~ Folgers $0.50 Moneymaker at Walmart! ~

Folgers Classic Roast Packets Instant Coffee Crystals, 7 ct $1.00, regular price
Use 1 - $1.50/1 – Folgers Product, any – (
Final Price = $0.50 Moneymaker

~17 Uses for Alka-Seltzer!!~

17 Uses for Alka-Seltzer!
This is really awesome!! Come and check it out!

~Ingles Weekly Ad 5/26 - 6/1 with Coupon Match-Ups~

Buy One Get Ones

  • Carolina Pride Cooked or Honey Ham , 10 oz, at $3.48 ($1.74)
  • Carolina Pride Meat Bologna or Hot Dogs, 12 oz, at $2.18 ($1.09)
  • Ball Park Meat Franks, 16 oz, at $3.18 ($1.59)
    -.75/2 Ball Park franks (regional), RP 5/05 (EXP 06/02)
    -$1/2 Ball Park franks (regional), RP 5/05 (EXP 06/02)
    (use $1/2, makes it $1.09)
  • Carolina Pride Smoked or Kielbasa Rope Sausage, Meat Cocktails or Cocktail Franks, 14-16 oz, at $3.58 ($1.79)
  • Eckrich Smoked or Polska Sausage, 14 oz, at $3.88 ($1.94)
    -$1 off Eckrich smoked sausage or 1 lb of deli meat (Facebook) printable
    -.55/1 Eckrich smoked sausage (regional), RP 5/19
    (use $1 off, makes it 94¢)
  • Oscar Mayer Regular or Bun Size Meat Wieners, 16 oz, at $2.98 ($1.49)
    -.75/2 Oscar Mayer classic beef franks, SS 4/28
    (makes it $1.11)
  • Savannah Hushpuppies, 16 oz, at $2.48 ($1.24)
  • Aunt Jemima Pancakes, French Toast, or Waffles, 12.3-14.8 oz, at $3.08 ($1.54)
  • Birds Eye Steam Fresh Premium, Lightly Seasoned Vegetable Blends, or Chef Favorites, 10-16 oz, at $2.58 ($1.29)
    -.35/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh 100% whole grain blend printable
    -$1 off Birds Eye Steamfresh Chef’s Favorites item printable
    -.50/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh Chef’s Favorites, SS 4/14 (EXP 05/31)
    -$1/2 Birds Eye Steamfresh Chef’s Favorites (regional), SS 4/14 (EXP 05/31)
    -.35/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh rice variety, excl Chef’s Favorites printable
    -$1/2 Birds Eye Steamfresh item printable
    (use $1 off, makes it 29¢)
  • Kellogg’s Kids Cereals, 8.7-9.2 oz, at $3.77 ($1.88)
    -$1.50 off Kellogg’s cereal, 8.7 oz +, 1,000 points printable
    -$1/2 Kellogg’s Cinnamon Jacks, Frosted Mini-Wheats Crunch, Scooby-Doo or Special K Chocolately Strawberry cereals printable
    -.50/1 Kellogg’s Apple Jacks cereal, 8.7 oz+ printable
    -$1/3 Kellogg’s cereals, 10 oz+ printable
    -$1/3 Kellogg’s cereals, 11.2 oz+ printable
    -.50/1 Kellogg’s Corn Pops cereal, 9.2 oz+ printable
    -$1/2 Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereal, 10.5 oz+ printable
    -$1/3 Kellogg’s Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops, Krave or Frosted Flakes cereals printable (limit reached)
    -$1/3 Kellogg’s cereals, 10 oz+ printable
    (use .50/1, makes it 88¢)
  • Lay’s Brand Potato Chips, 9.5-10.5 oz, at $4.29 ($2.14)
    -.50/1 Produce WYB Simply Natural Ruffles or Lay’s potato chips, 8.75-9 oz, tearpad (EXP 06/01)
    (makes it $1.14)
  • Flat Out Wraps, at $3.99 ($1.99)
  • Bakery Pound Cake, 15 oz, at $2.48 ($1.24)
  • Bakery 5 Grain Italian Bread, 16 oz, at $3.48 ($1.74)
  • Malt-O-Meal Cereal, 16-21 oz, at $3.78 ($1.89)
  • Nabisco Nilla Wafers, 11-15 oz, at $4.31 ($2.15)
    -.75/2 Nabisco cookies or crackers, 6.5 oz +, SS 5/19
    -$1/2 Nabisco cookies or crackers, 6.5 oz + (regional), SS 5/19
    -$1/3 Nabisco cookie or cracker items, 6.5 oz+, SS 5/19
    (makes it $1.65)
  • Laura Lynn Vitamins, (price not listed)
  • Comet Bathroom Spray, 17 oz, at $2.37 ($1.18)


  • California Strawberries, 1 lb, $2.50
  • North Carolina Blueberries, pint, $3.98
  • Marzetti Croutons, $1.50
  • California Cherries, $3.98 lb
  • Vidalia Sweet Onions, 88¢ lb
    -.50/1 Vidalia onions, loose or bagged, 5 lb+ printable
  • Fresh Express Salad Mix, $2
    Green & Crisp, Premium Romaine,Lettuce Trio, or Double Carrots
    -.55/1 Fresh Express salad, SS 3/10
    (makes it $1.45)
  • Southern Peaches, $1.58 lb
  • Organic Vidalia Onions, $1.48 lb
    -.50/1 Vidalia onions, loose or bagged, 5 lb+ printable
  • Fresh Yellow or Zucchini Squash, $1.28 lb
  • Sunkist Lemons, 2 lb bag, $2.50
  • Idaho Potatoes, 10 lb bag, $2.98


  • Tyson Fresh Bone-In Split Chicken Breast, family pack, $1.18 lb
    -$1 off Tyson fresh or frozen chicken product (regional), SS 3/24
  • Ball Park Beef Franks, 16 oz, $3.50
    Excludes Angus Beef
    -.75/2 Ball Park franks (regional), RP 5/05 (EXP 06/02)
    -$1/2 Ball Park franks (regional), RP 5/05 (EXP 06/02)
    (use $1/2, makes it $2.50)
  • Fresh Pork Country Style Ribs, family pack, $1.68 lb
  • Beef Boneless Sirloin Steak, family pack, $4.98 lb
  • Fresh Steelhead Trout Fillet, $6.98 lb
  • Bar-S Meat Franks or Meat Bologna, 12 oz, $1
    -.75/1 Bar-S beef franks (regional), RP 5/19
    -.75/1 Bar-S beef franks printable
    (makes it 25¢)
  • Laura Lynn Meat Franks, 16 oz, $1.98
  • Nathan’s Franks, 14 oz, $1.98, limit 4
    Must enroll in Ingles Advantage program to get this price
  • Ingles Deli Cooked Ham, $2.99 lb
  • Smithfield Fresh Pork Sirloin Roast or Pork Cube Steak, family pack, $2.28 lb
    -$1 off Smithfield ham or marinated pork loin (regional), SS 5/05
  • Perdue Cornish Hens, $2.08 lb
  • Laura Lynn Roll Sausage, 16 oz, $2.50
  • Harvest Farms Black Angus Chuck Roast, $4.48 lb
  • Perdue Disney Chicken Breast Nuggets, 22-29 oz, $4.98
  • Springer Mountain Chicken Breast Fillets, 24 oz bag, $6.48
    -$1.50 off Springer Mountain Farms fresh tray pack or whole chicken (regional), SS 3/03
    (makes it $4.98)
  • Butterball Turkey Tenderloins, 24 oz, $6.98
    -$1 off Butterball deli meat, or fresh or frozen item, May All You magazine
    -$1 off Butterball deli meat, 1 lb, or fresh or frozen product (regional), SS 5/19
    (makes it $5.98)
  • Beef Eye of Round Roast, whole or half, $3.48 lb

Fridge or Frozen

  • Bagel Bites Snacks, 7 oz, $1.50
    -$2/3 Bagel Bites boxes, 9 ct.+ (regional), SS 5/05
    (makes it 83¢)
  • Blue Bell Ice Cream, half gallon, $4.98
    -$1 off Blue Bell half gal printable
    (makes it $3.98)
  • Muller Greek Corners Yogurt, 5.3 oz, $1
    -$1/4 Muller yogurt (regional), RP 5/05
    (makes it 75¢)
  • Laura Lynn Crescent or Sweet Rolls, 8-13.9 oz, $1.67
  • Laura Lynn Buttery Spread, 45 oz, $2.28
  • Yopalit Greek Yogurt, 4 pack, $2.50
    -.50/1 Yoplait Greek yogurt, 4 pk. or Greek yogurt w/ granola, 2 pk., SS 5/05
    (makes it $1.50)
  • Stonyfield Greek Oikos Yogurt Cups, 6 oz, $1
    -.50/2 Stonyfield Organic Greek yogurt, 5.3 oz cups, (1) 16 oz, (1) 32 oz or (1) 4 pk. printable
    -.75/2 Stonyfield Organic Greek yogurt, 5.3 oz cups or (1) 4 oz 4 pk. printable
    (use .50/2, makes it 50¢)
  • Pillsbury Ready To Bake or Chub Cookies, 16-16.5 oz, $2.50
    -$1/2 Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough (EXP 06/02) printable (limit reached)
    -$1/2 Pillsbury refrigerated baked goods, SS 5/19
    (makes it $2)
  • McCain Frozen Potatoes, 16-32 oz, $2
    -$1 off McCain sweet potato item printable
    (makes it $1)
  • Dannon Fruit On The Bottom or Light N’ Fit Yogurt, 4 ct, $1.67
  • Laura Lynn Butter, 16 oz, $2.58
  • Mayfield Selects or Light Ice Cream, 48 oz, $3
    -$1 off Mayfield Ice Cream, 1.5 qt. (Regional), SS 5/12
    (makes it $2)
  • Tennessee Pride Gravy, 8 oz, $1
  • Armour Lunchmakers or Pepperoni, $1
    -$1/2 Armour pepperoni (Facebook) printable
    (makes it 50¢)
  • Muller Fruit Up Yogurt, 5.3 oz, 80¢
    -$1/4 Muller yogurt (regional), RP 5/05
    (makes it 55¢)
  • Liberte Mediterranee Yogurt Cups, 5.3 oz, $1
  • Ingles Best Fruit Bars, 6 ct, $2.50
  • Yoplait Light Yogurt or Go-Gurt, 2 or 8 pack, $2
    -.75/2 Yoplait go-gurt, Trix, Splitz, or kids cup yogurt printable
    -.35/1 Yoplait Go-Gurt yogurt printable (limit reached)
    -.75/2 Yoplait Go-Gurt yogurt, 8 ct., excl Twisted (EXP 06/02) printable (limit reached)
    -$1/2 Yoplait yogurt, multipk., excl Fruplait (EXP 06/02) printable (limit reached)
    -.75/2 Yoplait Go-Gurt, Kids Cup, Trix multipk., Pro-Force or Baby, SS 5/05
    -.75/2 Yoplait Go-Gurt, Kids Cup, Trix, Pro-Force or Baby yogurt printable
    (use .35/1, makes it $1.30)
  • Wanchai Ferry Or Macaroni Grill Frozen Dinners, 19.8-24 oz, $5.98
  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, 16 oz, $3
    -$1 off Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt or ice cream, pint, RP 5/19
    -$1 off Ben & Jerry ice cream or frozen yogurt, pint, tearpad
    -$1/2 Ben & Jerry frozen yogurt or ice cream, pint, RP 5/19
    (use $1 off, makes it $2)
  • Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits or Sweet Rolls, 4-10 ct, $1
    -.30/2 Pillsbury refrigerated Grands biscuits, SS 3/24
    -.40/2 Pillsbury sweet rolls, SS 3/24
    -.40/3 Pillsbury refrigerated Grands! biscuits (regional), SS 3/24
    (use .40/2, makes it 60¢)
  • Laura Lynn Heavy Whipping Cream, 32 oz, $3.88
  • Edy’s Ice Cream, 48 oz, $2.50
    -$1/2 Edy’s products, 48 oz printable
    -$1/2 Edy’s products, 48 oz, (zip 62946) printable (limit reached)
    (makes it $2)
  • Presidents Regular or Tomato Basil Feta Crumbles, $2.99
    -$1 off President cheese printable
    -$1 off President crumbled or chunk feta or Valbreso feta cheese printable
    -$2/2 President cheese printable
    -$3/2 President cheese printable
    (use $1 off, makes it $1.99)
  • Laura Lynn Cheese Singles, Bars, or Shreds, 6-12 oz, $1.67
  • DiGiorno 12″ Ultimate, Stuffed Crust, or Pizza & Sides, 19.7 – 36.8 oz, $6.98
    -$2 off Digiorno large pizza (Facebook) printable (limit reached)
    (makes it $4.98)
  • Yoplait Greek Yogurt, 6 oz, $1
    -.60/2 Yoplait greek yogurt, (void in LA, NJ, ND, NV and TN) printable
    -$1/5 Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt cups, void in LA, NJ, ND, NV and TN printable
    (use .60/2, makes it 70¢)


  • Deer Park Water, 3 Liter, $1
  • Laura Lynn Mustard, 12 oz, $1.28
  • Laura Lynn Party Peanuts, 12 oz, $2
  • Laura Lynn Dried Beans, 1 lb, $1
  • Gatorade Prime, Prime Chews, or Naturals, 1-16.9 oz, $1
  • Dasani Water, 24 pack, $3.98
  • Starkist Chunk Tuna, 5 oz, $1
  • Deer Park Aquapod, 11 oz, $1
  • Laura Lynn Jam or Jelly, 32 oz, $2.18
  • Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce, 24 oz, $1.25
    -Free Mail in Rebate Francesco Rinaldi Cookbook WYB 5 Francesco Rinaldi products rebate
  • Mentos Pocket Bottle Gum, 15 ct, $1
  • Old El Paso Refried Beans, Taco Shells, or Tortilla Shells, 4.6-16 oz, $1.25
  • Hershey’s Shakes, 12 oz, $1
  • Laura Lynn Drinking Water, 24 ct, $3.50
  • Hunt’s Snack Pack Puddings or Gelatins, 4 pack, $1
  • Bumble Bee Tuna, 5 oz, $1
  • General Mills Cereal Bars or Nature Valley Treats, 5.1-8.5 oz, $2
  • Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, 4.5-8 oz, $2
    -.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Roll-Ups, By the Foot or Gushers snacks printable (limit reached)
    -.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, Gushers or Fruit Roll-Ups printable
    -.75/1 Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Gushers or Roll-ups, or Ocean Spray, Motts or Sunkist fruit flavored snacks printable
    (use .75/1, makes it $1.25)
  • Laura Lynn Potato Chips, 6 oz, $1
  • Betty Crocker Cake Mix or Brownie Mix, 15.25-19.8 oz, $1.25
  • Laura Lynn Vanilla Wafers, 12 oz, $1
  • Betty Crocker Skillet Helpers, 4.7-12.2 oz, $1
    -.75/3 Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper, SS 4/21
    -.80/4 Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper or Chicken Helper printable
    (use .75/3, makes it 75¢)
  • Libby’s Read Canned Salads, 15 oz, $1
  • Mueller’s Pasta, 12-16 oz, $1
    -.55/1 Mueller’s Hidden Veggie pasta printable
    -.55/1 Mueller’s Hidden Veggie pasta (Facebook) printable
    -$1/2 Mueller’s pasta products, SS 5/12
    -$1/2 Mueller’s, Ronco or Pennsylvania Dutch pasta printable
    -$1/2 Mueller’s pasta printable
    (use $1/2, makes it 50¢)
  • Hershey’s Candy, 8 ct, $1.25
  • Laura Lynn Cooking Spray, 5-6 oz, $2.18
  • Laura Lynn Marinades or Mayonnaise, 12-12.25 oz, $1.50
  • Hershey’s King Size Candy, 2.8-3 oz, $1
  • Jana Artesian Water, 1 Liter, $1
  • Chex Mix or Bugles Snacks, 7.5-8.75 oz, $2
    -.50/1 Bugles corn snacks, Chex Mix, Pillsbury Baguette chips or Gardetto’s snack mix, 4.5 oz+ (EXP 06/02) printable (limit reached)
    ( makes it $1)
  • Fiber One Bars or Nature Valley Protein Bars, 4.1-7.1 oz , $3
    -.60/1 Fiber One Chewy bars printable
    -.50/2 Fiber One Chewy bars, brownies or Protein Chewy bars, SS 5/05
    -.50/2 Nature Valley granola bars 5 ct. + or granola thins printable
    (use .50/2, makes it $2.50)
  • Laura Lynn Taco Shells, 12 ct, $1
  • Laura Lynn Olive Oil, 25.5 oz, $4.98
  • Margaret Holmes Boiled Peanuts, 13.5 oz, $1
  • Gatorade or G2 Drinks, 8 ct, $5
  • Laura Lynn Canned Tomatoes, 28 oz, $1
  • Laura Lynn Drink Mixes, 12 quart, $2.18
  • Laura Lynn Instant Potatoes, 4.5-4.9 oz, $1
  • Hunt’s Ketchup, 24 oz, $1
  • Morton Fine Sea Salt, 4.4 oz, $1
  • Laura Lynn Tea Bags, 48 ct, $2.98
  • Laura Lynn Pasta, 32 oz, $1.98
  • Nature Valley Granola Bars, 7.4-8.9 oz, $2.50
    -.50/2 Nature Valley granola bars 5 ct. + or granola thins printable
    (makes it $2)
  • Laura Lynn Ice Cream Cones, 12 ct, $1.28
  • Act II Popcorn, 3 ct, $1

Personal Care

  • Laura Lynn Toothpaste, 6.4 oz, $1.98
  • Aim or Pepsodent Toothpaste, 6 oz, 98¢
  • Laura Lynn Liquid Hand Soap, 7.5 oz, $1
  • Edge Advance or Ultimate Shave Gel, 7 oz, $2.68
    -.55/1 Edge or Skintimate shave gel, excl 2.75 oz cans, SS 4/21 (EXP 06/02)
    -.55/1 Edge shave gel or cream, 7 oz +, SS 5/19
    (makes it $2.13)
  • Laura Lynn Toothbrushes, 2 ct, $2
  • Hawaiian Tropic or Banana Boat Suncare, $7.98
    -$1 off Hawaiian Tropic sun care, 4 oz +, excl lip balm printable
    -$1 off Hawaiian Tropic product, 4 oz+, excl lip balm, SS 4/21 (EXP 06/02)
    -$1 off Hawaiian Tropic sun care item, 4 oz+, excl lip balm, RP 5/19
    -$3/2 Hawaiian Tropic sun care items, 4 oz+, excl lip balm, RP 5/19
    (use $3/2, makes it $6.48)
  • Laura Lynn Non-Aspirin Pain Relief, 100 ct, $2.50

Baby Care

  • Luvs Jumbo Diapers, 23-50 ct, $5.98
  • Sprout Baby Food, 4.22-5.5 oz, $1.50
  • Enfamil Gentlease or Premium Lipil Powder, 24 oz, $16.78
    -$5 off Enfamil or Enfagrow oroduct printable
    -$3 off Enfamil or Enfagrow product printable
    -$3/2 Enfamil or Enfagrow products (regional), SS 5/12 (EXP 05/31)
    (use $5 off, makes it $11.78)
  • Plum Just Fruit, 3.5 oz, $1
    -.50/1 Plum Organics Baby or Tots pouch (Facebook) printable
    -.50/1 Plum Baby, Tots or Kids items printable
    (makes it FREE)
  • Enfamil Formula Tubs, 22.2-23.4 oz, $23.98
    -$5 off Enfamil or Enfagrow oroduct printable
    -$3/2 Enfamil or Enfagrow products (regional), SS 5/12 (EXP 05/31)
    -$3 off Enfamil or Enfagrow product printable
    (use $5 off, makes it $18.98)
  • Sprout Baby Food, 3.17-4 oz, $1.


  • Laura Lynn Foam Plates, 150 ct, $4.78
  • Laura Lynn Wet Floor Wipes, 12 ct, $2.98
  • Laura Lynn Paper Towels, 3 ct, $1.98
  • Laura Lynn Ammonia, 64 oz, $1.50
  • Laura Lynn Instant Lite Charcoal, 13.5 lb, $6.48
  • Laura Lynn Reclosable Sandwich Bags, 30-50 ct, $1
  • Laura Lynn Designer Paper Plates or Bowls, 20-54 ct, $2
  • Laura Lynn Tall Kitchen Trash Bags, 45 ct, $5.98
  • Laura Lynn Extra Strong paper Towels, single, $1
  • Gain, Dawn, or Joy Dish Detergent, 9-12.6 oz, $1
    -.25/1 Gain dishwashing liquid, excl trial size, PG 5/12
    -.20/1 Gain dishwashing liquid, excl trial size, PG 5/12
    (use .25/1, makes it 50¢)
  • Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 9 ct, $4.98
    -.25/1 Angel Soft bath tissue printable
    -.55/1 Angel Soft bath tissue, 4 double roll+ (Facebook) printable
    -.45/1 Angel Soft product, 4 pk. double roll +, RP 5/05
    -$1/2 Angel Soft product, 4 pk. double roll +, RP 5/05
    (use .45/1, makes it $4.08)
  • Sparkle Big Paper Towels, single roll, $1
    -.25/1 Sparkle product, max 3 pk. roll, RP 5/05
    -$1 off Sparkle paper towels, 6 pk. roll+, Harris Teeter eCoupon
    (use .25/1, makes it 50¢)
  • Laura Lynn Color Plastic Cups, 50 ct, $2.98

Pet Care

  • Laura Lynn Soft Moist Dog Food, 72 oz, $3.98
  • Laura Lynn Kitty Delicious Cat Food, 56 oz, $4.28
  • Laura Lynn Cat Food, 13.2 oz, 70¢

Thanks Southern Savers!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Walmart ~ Good Deal ~Curad Coupon: Hydrogen Peroxide, Only $0.02 at Walmart!~

Deal Scenario:

Curad Hydrogen Peroxide, 16 oz $0.52, regular price

Use - $0.50/1 – Curad Product – (
Final Price = $0.02

CVS ~ Good Deal ~Moneymaker Neutrogena Sunscreen at CVS!~

Buy 2 Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen, 1 oz $2.49, regular price
Buy 2 - Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks through 6/1, Limit 1
Use 1 - $1.00/1 – Any Neutrogena Beach Defense, one coupon per person – (
must register or login

Pay - $3.98,
Receive - $5.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price= $1.02 Moneymaker

New 10 point Pampers CODE!!

Here’s a 10 point Pampers Gift to Grow code for you!

Expires: May 31, 2013 at 11:59 pm

Freebie ~ Food Free Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Cookie Mix or Rice Flour Blend

Free Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Cookie Mix or Rice Flour Blend! Click the link above for more info on how to get your free coupon! Hurry! To the first 25,000!

Freebie ~ Body ~Free Sample of Nexcare Waterproof Bandages!~

Free Sample of Nexcare Waterproof Bandages + Vacation Giveaways

Fill out the form to get this freebie on facebook. Takes 6-8 weeks on average. Your entry also counts as an entry for multiple different vacation giveaways. Good luck

Target Cartwheel App - LOTS of coupon availablle!

And here's another savings app to save even MORE at Target. Its called Cartwheel. You will need a Facebook acct for this, as that's how you will connect with the app. When you sign up, you get 10 spots to fill in your cart. Discounts range from 5% off to 30% off! As you do more through the app, you'll earn badges and open more spots. Best part is you are allowed to stack Cartwheel offers with Target Store Coupons + Manufacturer Coupons! You can either print the list out to have the cashier scan your unique Cartwheel barcode or you can pull the page up on your i/smart-phone! What I did was add the offers from my computer first, then bookmarked the home page on my phone for easy access in store.

Cartwheel offers are good on up to 4 qualifying items per transaction unless otherwise noted. Limit of 6 Cartwheel transactions per day.

There are A LOT of offers! So take your time & browse around!
Just click the link above and check out this BIG BIG list!!
Link to use this app is in the first post @ the bottom of the page.

Thank you isis @!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Join and Learn to Coupon!

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We have the most AWESOME coupon trading trains boarding daily, the best RAOK games played daily, like LIVE bingo, and other bingo games, guessing games, what song am I thinking of, etc etc, to many to name!! Whatever the game, they come with some pretty cool prizes! Free coupons, stamps, even $$$!!
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Get a $2/1 Crest toothpaste Coupon mailed to you just by filling out a simple form!
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Home Mailers Forum

Friday, May 24, 2013

How to Create a Letter Postage Scale: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Here is a simple way to create a US specific first-class letter scale that is surprisingly accurate and simple. You will know if your first-class letter requires more than standard postage and if so, how much more. It should take about 5 minutes to complete and is reusable.
Check it out, this is really cool!

Freebie ~ Body ~Free Natralia Heel Balm Sample!~

Request your FREE Natralia Heel Balm sample!

Smooth and soften rough, dry heels in as little as 3 days with Natralia Heel Balm!

  • Formulated with natural ingredients
  • Penetrates rough, dry heels to provide optimal moisturization
  • NO Parabens, SLS, Petrolatum or Paraffin
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA

Hurry, quantities are very limited!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Freebie ~ Food ~Free Hashbrowns at Waffle House!~

Waffle House is giving away free small order of hashbrowns to those who print this coupon (Dine In only). Head on in to your local Waffle House and get these great hashbrowns before the coupon expires on 6/3/2013.

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Freebie ~ Food Betty Crocker Members!!! Free Sample of Hershey's Cookie Mix! Hurry!

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Freebie ~ Misc. ~Free 76 Honk Suppressor!~

Order a free 76® Honk Suppressor™
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Freebie ~ Household ~FREE Cabinet Safety Latch Kit! – Offered Again!~

FREE Cabinet Safety Latch Kit! – Offered Again
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Code from Kellogg's Family Rewards worth 50 Points!!

You can get 50 FREE Kellogg’s Family Rewards Points with code: KFRHOMERUNTICKET

Walgreens ~ Good Deal ~FREE Crest Toothpaste at Walgreens!~

Starting this Sunday, 5/26, you can grab FREE Crest Toothpaste!
Only if you have the P&G Insert from 4/28!!!

If you don’t have that paper, then you can print a $0.50/1 Crest Toothpaste Coupon and your toothpaste will be ONLY $0.50!

Crest Toothpaste-$2.99 – Receive $2 Register Rewards
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Kroger Family ~ Other ~FREE Heinz Ketchup at Kroger!~

If you shop at a Kroger that doubles, you can grab Heinz Ketchup Pouches for FREE if you received the $0.50 Heinz Ketchup Coupon in the 5/19 SS Insert

Heinz Ketchup Pouch $0.99
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Walmart ~ Good Deal ~Rice Dream Organic Milk, FREE After Coupon @ Wal-Mart!~

Print the new $2 Rice Dream Coupon and bring to Wal-Mart for this hot deal!

Rice Dream Organic Rice Milk, $1.88
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Freebie ~ Body ~Free Sample of Biotrue Contact Solution!~

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If you still haven’t check out Treat, now’s a great time.
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JCPenney ~ Special Sale ~Save Extra 10% In-Store or Extra 20% @ Thru 5/27!~

JCPenney ~ Special Sale ~Save Extra 10% In-Store or Extra 20% @ Thru 5/27!~

Restaurant Deals ~ Other ~McDonald’s Promotion-Buy One Get One Free Big Macs, 5/25-5/27!~

McDonald's is having Buy One Get One Big Macs, starting on 5/25 thru 5/27!
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Ingles ~ ~Memorial Day Savings Offers Just For Special Advantage Card Customers Valid Thru 6/15!!~

Hey Ingles Shoppers, I got this in my email this morning, so keep a look out on yours, for these special offers! All coupons are valid until June 15th, 2013!!
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You can get your free Coconut Fioretto chocolate just for visiting any local Lindt chocolate shop near you. Just get the offer from their Facebook page and present it to them.

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New GinZing™ Energy-boosting moisturizer

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Freebie ~ Household ~FREE Sample of Sandys Wipes!~

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Freebie ~ Office Free Personalized Mouse Pad First 500 Daily Starting 10pm EST

Free Personalized Mouse Pad First 500 Daily Starting 10pm EST

This is at 10pm Eastern time, On their Facebook page to the first 500.
They say daily so they are offering it for more than one day

It will go on until 5/20. Daily clock resets at 10pm – Good luck

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Freebie ~ Feminine Care Free Sample of U by Kotex!

Get a tampon and pad samples package! Choose from 6 different kinds! Go get yours now!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Freebie ~ Food ~FREE Bottle of Steele Bull Steak Sauce from @ NOON EST! Daily!~

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Sweepstakes ~ Daily ~The Weight Watchers 50th Anniversary Cookbook Instant Win Game!~

Sweepstakes ~ Daily ~The Weight Watchers 50th Anniversary Cookbook Instant Win Game!~

Freebie ~ Beauty ~ FREE L’Oreal Paris Makeup Bag with ANY L’Oreal Purchase Rebate! ~

Freebie ~ FREE L’Oreal Paris Makeup Bag with ANY L’Oreal Purchase Rebate! ~
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Free Unilever Coupon Book *automated call!!
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

AMDRO® PowerFlex® Pest & Weed System

AMDRO® PowerFlex® Pest & Weed System

As you all know I am a +BzzAgent and I have been selected to try out the new AMDRO PowerFlex Pest & Weed System!! So here is a little about it:

You are wasting your time and your money (and probably both at the same time) by using traditional concentrates and ready-to-use sprays to tackle your weed or bug problems. Only the AMDRO® PowerFlex® Pest & Weed System can kill both, indoors and outdoors by simply swapping cartridges. Everyone loves more time and money, and less mess. @AMDROpestcontrol

Go here to find out more information about AMDRO:

I will keep you all updated with how well this product works!! So stay tuned!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Freebie ~ Hair ~Free Sample of John Frieda Luxurious Volume!~

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Walmart ~ Good Deal ~Beech-Nut Fruities, Better-than-Free Fruities at Walmart!~

Was you able to print this coupon while it was available? Beech-Nut had just released a new $1.00 coupon, making Fruities a moneymaker at Walmart!
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Kroger Family ~ Other ~Free Samples of Pepsi Next, Cheetos and Doritos at Kroger, 5/17 Only!~

Get FREE samples of Pepsi Next, Cheetos and Doritos at Kroger!!!
Mark the calendar for 5/17, and stop by your local store between 4:00-8:00 p.m.
This offer is only available while supplies last. So be sure to be there!
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CVS ~ Good Deal ~Sally Hansen Nail Polish FREE + MM at CVS!~

Come check out his deal @ CVS! Get Sally Hansen Nail Polish Free plus moneymaker! There is also a really good deal on the Insta-Gel strips too!!

Freebie ~ Hair ~Free Sample of Clear Hair Care!~

Get a free Clear hair care sample on the Clear Facebook page! “Like” the page and enter to win one of a thousand Right End Hair Revolution custom-designed totes. Plus, receive a free sample just for entering!
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Colgate® Optic White®, OMG! Awesome results!

WOW!  I cannot believe my smile! It s AMAZING! I am an +Influenster  and I have been selected to try out the new Colgate Optic White product line! First of all I just LOVE the toothbrush!  It is like no other toothbrush I have EVER used!  It just feels like it scrubs so much better than my old brush. It feels good.  After the first time I used the toothpaste I noticed that my teeth were brighter, and that is NO JOKE! It doesn't taste bad, but it does have a slight burn to it, but it isn't bad and goes away after the first time.  It doesn't leave any after taste either! AWESOME right!  The mouthwash really tops it off.  I just wish that someone would have thought of this sooner!  But I am forever thankful that it is available now! Another awesome plus is that it is affordable! You can get the entire line for around $12, and even cheaper with the coupons that are available.  So what are you waiting for? Your teeth are begging you!  Your smile will be worth it!
Check out these sites for more info:
Influenster review page:
Colgate® Optic White® website:

Target ~ Good Deal ~All Laundry Detergent Mighty Packs ONLY $0.99 Per Bag!~

Did you print the all Liquid, Powder, or mighty pacs® Laundry Detergent coupon? Hurry up, if not!!
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Do you LOVE strawberries? I DO!! You can get a coupon from EBF for $1.00/2!! Click the above link to get yours!