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Friday, April 26, 2013

NECTRESSE Sweetener is AWESOME! Here's what I sweeten with mine!

I am an +Influenster and I recently got to try out the new +NECTRESSE Sweetener in my Sugar n' Spice Vox Box!
I absolutely Love Nectresse in my coffee in the morning! It really gets me going!  Plus, I don't even have to use as much of it.  It is super sweet. I find myself replacing more and more things that I use sugar in all the time.  Over my cereal, in my family passed down recipes, and even in my desserts! (Which b the way, makes them so much better!)  You have to try this stuff out!
You can find out more about Nectresse here:
Plus, read up on lots of really honest reviews here:
Please feel free to leave a comment telling what you use your Nectresse sweetener for! Don't be shy! I even love recipes, if you have one to share!
#NECTRESSE @Influenster